Welcome to the SaferCosmeticSurgery blog, your online information point for the most recent surgical and non surgical news. Throughout the blog we aim to reinforce the information that can be found on our website. Our aim is to provide comprehensive information about safety, questions to ask during consultations, and where to get further information about your chosen cosmetic surgery procedures.

Throughout the blog you will be able to monitor up to date news on Safer Cosmetic Surgery and the procedures that we offer information on. Will also follow stories in the media and allow commenting giving you the chance to offer you input on the stories we feature. If you would rather just read more about specific Cosmetic Surgery procedures please choose from the following choices below to find out more direct from our website here you will have the chance to ask questions, find your closest BAAPA/BAPRAS registered surgeon and be able to download a Cosmetic Surgery checklist which can help you in the very important steps leading to any procedure.

The areas that we can offer information on are broken down into the following regions – Facial Surgery, Breast Surgery, Body Contouring and Non-Surgical. Within these regions we offer information on the most commonly practiced procedures carried out by our surgeons including but not limited to –  Eye Bag Removal, Facial Lifts including the most highly regarded range of dermal fillers, Cosmetic Ear Surgery, Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty), Vaser Lipo Treatments, Anti-Wrinkle Injections &  Male Breast Reduction. We also have surgeons listed who are highly regarded in the field of Breast Augmentation offering the most cutting edge in Breast Implants and making sure your Breast Surgery is as safe and well suited to your personal circumstance. At SaferCosmeticSurgery you can also find information and surgeons who can help for more everyday types of procedure such as Mole Removal & Inverted Nipple Surgery .

If you would like any information about a procedure that you are considering finding out more about and are not sure how to find the most suited surgeon in your area please contact us at info@safercosmeticsurgery.co.uk or call 0800 622 6262.

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