The Dangers of Too Much Botox

When “OK!” Magazine recently featured an article about X-Factor judge, Sharon Osbourne, in which the 61-year-old’s face was referred to as “swollen and puffy”, rumours abounded that she’d gone back on her decision to avoid further cosmetic surgery. Even the celebrity’s fans took to social media sites to ask “What has Sharon done to her […]

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Breast Reconstruction – the Alternative Side of Plastic Surgery

When you mention the term plastic surgery, many people think immediately of procedures such as breast augmentations, face lifts, nose jobs, tummy tucks, and liposuction. However, many cosmetic surgeons in the UK spend a considerable amount of time performing operations on patients who have undergone injuries and suffered diseases, such as cancer. For our surgeons, […]

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An interview with Charles Nduka, Brighton Cosmetic Surgeon – Part 2

Charles Nduka is a founding member of and we find out Charles’ advice for people considering cosmetic surgery Is the surgeon or the hospital the most important factor to consider when choosing surgery? Definitely the surgeon.  A private cosmetic surgeon isn’t employed by the hospital for cosmetic procedures but a good surgeon won’t use […]

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An interview with Charles Nduka, Brighton Cosmetic Surgeon – Part 1

Charles Nduka is a founding member of and we find out how and why Charles became one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons Where did you train to become a plastic surgeon? I went to Medical School at Oxford then did my medical training at a variety of London Teaching hospitals. Where are you […]

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Should Parents Help Fund their Children’s Surgery?

As a parent, you strive to give your children everything they deserve, be it the latest toy on the market, fashionable clothes, an excellent education, and perhaps even their first car. However, what happens when they ask you or guilt you into paying for a cosmetic surgery procedure? While some mums and dads would be […]

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Are you too Young for Cosmetic Surgery?

An article recently appeared on a website for women called “Female First”, which referred to an interview given by Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, to a French site called Signé Beauté. When asked whether she’d ever consider cosmetic surgery, 39-year-old Eva is quoted as saying “I’d like to think I’m still too young for that.” […]

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Finance Assistant Jailed for Using Company Funds to Pay for Surgery

A 26-year-old woman from Leigh in Greater Manchester has recently been jailed for three years in prison after embezzling more than half a million pounds from her company to fund luxury holidays and cosmetic surgery procedures. Charlotte Darwen worked as a finance assistant for Action 365 – a motor claims accident management service, based in […]

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The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad with Charles Nduka

With all the horror stories appearing in the national press about surgeries-gone-wrong abroad, we’ve asked one of Safer Cosmetic Surgery’s top surgeons – Charles Nduka – for his opinion on the dangers of travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery. What are the risks? Not all surgeries abroad turn into horror stories. However, it’s extremely important to […]

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The Importance of Undergoing Surgery in a Suitable Environment

When you book any type of cosmetic surgery or procedure, it’s imperative to consider where it will take place. Choosing a location that guarantees a sterile environment that’s safe and well-suited to your particular procedure is almost as important as choosing which surgeon will perform the procedure. A recent article on Reuters’ UK website proves […]

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TOWIE’s Amy Childs Warns Teens Against Rushing into Surgery

While many of the cast of The Only Way is Essex are renowned for undergoing, or at least advocating cosmetic surgery, some ex-members of the popular reality TV show are becoming more aware of the need to prevent their younger fans from following in their footsteps. 23-year-old Amy Childs, in particular, has recently launched a […]

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