Asit Khandwala: What Development Would You Most Like to See in Cosmetic Surgery?

Safer Cosmetic Surgery asks Sussex-based Plastic Surgeon, Asit Khandwala, what development he would most like to see in cosmetic surgery. When Safer Cosmetic Surgery speaks with the Sussex-based surgeon about future plastic surgery developments, we find Mr Khandwala is excited about the potential of new technologies to transform the way plastic and cosmetic surgery is […]

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Asit Khandwala on what makes a cosmetic surgery procedure successful

Safer Cosmetic Surgery asks Sussex-based Plastic Surgeon, Asit Khandwala, what the essential ingredients are for a successful cosmetic surgery procedure. Mr Khandwala is clear about the ingredients for a successful result from cosmetic surgery: “For me, a successful patient is one who works with the surgeon; who understands the procedure and the arguments for and […]

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Asit Khandwala talks about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery

Safer Cosmetic Surgery talks to the Sussex-based plastic surgeon, Asit Khandwala, to find out whether he thinks there are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. “I think most patients who want cosmetic surgery have thought about it for a long time,” says Mr Khandwala.  “They have considered it for a long time and […]

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Your Questions Answered

While love handles, stretch marks, and wobbly thighs can be carefully concealed beneath items of clothing, if you’ve got a facial imperfection that leaves you lacking in self-confidence, it’s a lot harder to disguise. Whether you’re concerned about eye bags, wrinkles, a double chin or the size of your ears, you’re not alone. So, today, […]

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Your Questions about Breast Operations Answered

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and for many of us, they can seem too large, too small, too droopy, or unequal. Perhaps, you’re considering an augmentation, reduction or uplift procedure? Maybe, you’ve already had one of these operations and have a question you’d like answering retrospectively? If so, you can submit your queries via […]

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Before and After Pics – Why Mug Shots Matter

In the world of cosmetic surgery, before and after photos aren’t just a way for plastic surgeons to showcase the best of their work. They’re also important for prospective patients as they allow you to gauge how experienced and skilled your surgeon is in their particular field, and what the results of your procedure might […]

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Male Cosmetic Surgery – The UK versus the US

Despite the distance between our two countries, there are many similarities between the UK and the US. From our unhealthy love of junk food to our obsession with going to the cinema, the growing amounts of things we have in common are obvious throughout our everyday lives. Even in the world of male cosmetic surgery, […]

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SCS Surgeon, Graham Offer, Explains Rise in Male Cosmetic Surgery

Recently, one of Safer Cosmetic Surgery’s recommended surgeons, Graham Offer, was asked by BBC Radio Leicester for his opinion regarding why cosmetic surgery among male patients is on the rise. In the live interview, which was broadcast on 11th March 2016, radio presenter Jonathan Lampon and Graham Offer discussed the latest BAAPS (The British Association […]

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Move Over Mummies – Daddy Makeovers are On the Rise

The number of patients in Britain undergoing cosmetic surgery is currently soaring, according to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Last year, more than 51,000 Brits went under the knife, which BAAPS says is 13% more than 2014, and all types of procedures enjoyed an increase in demand. BAAPS believes that the surge is […]

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How Safe is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

While most people are fairly open to talking about breast enlargement surgery, penis enlargement procedures are much more of a social taboo. So much so, in fact, that much of what the operation involves is a mystery to the majority of men, and also because it’s still a relatively new and experimental form of surgery […]

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