Twitter Users Sink their Claws into Cosmetic Surgery Fan, Sharon Osbourne

There’s no denying that X Factor judge and TV star, Sharon Osbourne, looks way younger than her 63 years, and she openly admits that her fresh-faced appearance is mainly due to cosmetic surgery. However, fame, an open love for plastic surgery, and strong opinions mean that Sharon is often a target for both criticism and […]

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How Archibald McIndoe and the WWII Guinea Pig Club Made History

The name Archibald McIndoe stirs up many memories for the last remaining members of the “Guinea Pig Club”. The “guinea pigs” in question are RAF servicemen who fought in WWII and suffered severe burns injuries, who were subsequently helped by one of the most renowned pioneers of plastic surgery of all time – Archibald McIndoe. […]

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Cosmetic Surgery in Paradise Leaves Best Friend in Hell

As the cost of cosmetic surgery in the UK is typically more expensive than that offered in developing countries, it’s not uncommon for Brits to seek procedures abroad. While some operations go ahead without any problems, others result in patients developing complications mid or post-surgery, and in extreme cases, death. This is one of the […]

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Should the Media Dictate How We Look?

If they’re not trying to sell us a new product, magazines, newspapers, posters, and TV adverts always seem to be telling us how we ought to look. This isn’t just the case for average members of the British public. Celebrities who unwillingly live their entire lives in the media spotlight are perhaps subjected to this […]

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Scrotal Lifts – The Latest Trend in Male Grooming

It’s fair to say that over the last decade, men have started taking more care of their appearance than ever before, and what once was a habit that took place behind locked bathroom doors is now openly discussed over beers down the local pub. Male grooming has many aspects, and there are now a range […]

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5 Global Cosmetic Surgery Trends that’ll Raise Eyebrows

A UK cosmetic surgeon and professor at Anglia Ruskin University recently wrote an article for a national UK newspaper, in which he revealed the top five most surprising plastic surgery trends around the world. It’s not just the inhabitants of faraway countries like South Korea, Thailand, and Dubai who are going under the knife. Despite […]

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America – Land of the Free and the Home of Big Breasts

There are certain places in America like Hollywood and Los Angeles where plastic surgery is considered as normal as going for a jog. However, not everyone living in the third biggest country in the world needs a helping hand from a cosmetic surgeon. In fact, recent studies show that Mother Nature has been particularly generous […]

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Asit Khandwala: What Development Would You Most Like to See in Cosmetic Surgery?

Safer Cosmetic Surgery asks Sussex-based Plastic Surgeon, Asit Khandwala, what development he would most like to see in cosmetic surgery. When Safer Cosmetic Surgery speaks with the Sussex-based surgeon about future plastic surgery developments, we find Mr Khandwala is excited about the potential of new technologies to transform the way plastic and cosmetic surgery is […]

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Asit Khandwala on what makes a cosmetic surgery procedure successful

Safer Cosmetic Surgery asks Sussex-based Plastic Surgeon, Asit Khandwala, what the essential ingredients are for a successful cosmetic surgery procedure. Mr Khandwala is clear about the ingredients for a successful result from cosmetic surgery: “For me, a successful patient is one who works with the surgeon; who understands the procedure and the arguments for and […]

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Asit Khandwala talks about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery

Safer Cosmetic Surgery talks to the Sussex-based plastic surgeon, Asit Khandwala, to find out whether he thinks there are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. “I think most patients who want cosmetic surgery have thought about it for a long time,” says Mr Khandwala.  “They have considered it for a long time and […]

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