Managing the Risks of Cosmetic Surgery with Stephen Sinclair

Mr Stephen Sinclair is a Plastic Surgeon based in Belfast.  He feels strongly that patient safety is paramount in surgery and that the sheer choice of providers available to patients now does present some risks. Stephen, why should choice worry you? Any surgeon or clinic you go to, you want to ensure that you take […]

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Research, Research, Research!

Belfast-based Plastic Surgeon, Mr Stephen Sinclair, says that ‘while plastic surgery can have a very beneficial effect for many people it is not to be undertaken lightly’.  In this article he explains why he advises anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to do their research. Why ‘research, research, research’? I feel the industry needs to be […]

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The Patient Journey with Mr Stephen Sinclair (Part 2)

Belfast-based Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Stephen Sinclair continues his discussion about the journey a typical patient would make, from the first to the last steps of treatment. What should patients look out for in terms of the middle stage – the surgery itself? The surgical techniques can be very technically demanding.  Modern techniques in tissue transfers, […]

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The Patient Journey with Mr Stephen Sinclair (Part 1)

Belfast-based Plastic Surgeon Mr Stephen Sinclair describes the journey that a cosmetic surgery patient might make during treatment. Stephen, please could you start by explaining what you mean by ‘the patient journey’? When we think of cosmetic surgery our minds immediately think of the surgery and to the techniques of reconstruction.  However, there is so […]

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Q&A with Stephen Sinclair, Belfast-based cosmetic surgeon

Safer Cosmetic Surgery chat to Belfast-based cosmetic surgeon Mr. Stephen Sinclair to find out more about how he became a plastic surgeon. Where did you train to become a Plastic Surgeon? I began my surgical training in Belfast and, after specialising in plastic surgery, spent time working there and at East Grinstead.  I was made […]

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Why my NHS work is so important to me

An interview with Buckinghamshire-based Plastic Surgeon Michael Tyler. Why do you think it is so important that a Plastic Surgeon continues to work in the NHS as well as privately? My NHS work is an important aspect of who I am.  I think, as Surgeons, we’ve all got to do the full nine yards.  I […]

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A Special Relationship – Patient and Surgeon (Part 2)

Buckinghamshire-based Plastic Surgeon Michael Tyler continues his discussion on what makes the patient – surgeon relationship so special. What should a patient look for when meeting a surgeon?  How does a patient build that trust? Well, having a flashy website tells you nothing about how technically gifted a surgeon is or how good they are.  […]

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A Special Relationship – Patient and Surgeon (Part 1)

Buckinghamshire-based Plastic Surgeon Michael Tyler explains what makes the patient – surgeon relationship so special. What should someone considering Cosmetic Surgery look for in their surgeon? I think the relationship you have with your surgeon is vital.  A good surgeon will tell you whether you need an operation.  Or if you don’t need one.  Or […]

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Q&A with Mr Michael Tyler, Hertfordshire-based Cosmetic Surgeon

Meet Hertfordshire-based Plastic Surgeon Mr (Dr*) Michael Tyler – a specialist in nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty).  He answers our questions about his career and his advice for patients considering cosmetic surgery Where did you train to become a Plastic Surgeon? I did my basic training in Aberdeen and I spent a bit of time in […]

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MACOM Medical’s New Innovative Compression Bra

Breast Augmentation is a popular procedure but, like all cosmetic surgery, highlights anxiety about what it will feel like as well as the outcome. Most women will have considered surgery for years before making an enquiry to see a surgeon, whose role should be to ensure realistic expectations, ensure that the patient is physically and […]

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